Estate Sales

Are in a situation where you are faced with being the executor of a will in Pennsylvania?
There are many ways to handle the will and filing paperwork , so please consult with an estate attorney. Below is a list of the paperwork needed to sell a home involved in an estate sale in Pennsylvania


Sales, Information needed to sell a home after someone has passed away in Pennsylvania.
of Administration (Appointment of Executor by Register of Wills)
of Will(s)
Certificate – if both parties on the title are deceased 2 death certificates
are required.  Please be aware that even
if one person has passed away years prior a death certificate is still needed.
You can obtain a copy thru the Pa website at
and Inheritance Tax filings – this is for all deceased parties who are on title. If they have not been filed and paid for title company will hold a % in escrow until filings and payment have been completed. We have typically seen between 6-10% of the proceeds held in escrow. A title company can ask for receipts for inheritance tax payments as far back as a death from 25 years ago.
Useful phone numbers when requesting old inheritance tax receipts
Philadelphia: 215-686-6272. Depending on the age of the will and date of death the City will need 24 hours to pull the file from the Archives building.
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